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Recharge Your Recruiting

Efficiently. Effectively. Ethically.

What We Do

Talent Sourcing

Our experts cut time to fill and turbocharge your hiring, by taking on the critical function of Sourcing. Using our unique, hyper targeted, data driven approach, Etegrity finds and submits talented, qualified and available candidates to the hiring team. This enables the Hiring Manager and the Recruiting team to save time, shed stress and focus on what they do best.

Talent Pipelining

Our talent pipeline building services are a natural off-shoot of our talent sourcing services, which allow Clients to scale and react quickly to market dynamics and trends, seasonal hiring needs, all while keeping cost per hire, time to hire and quality of hire in sharp focus. Put another way, we offer quick results, with lasting value.

Career Development

While our focus is to help our clients fill their vacant positions, we simultaneously help candidates explore exciting new career opportunities, apart from also offering Resume Assistance services, and Coaching and Mentoring access. This explains why many candidates later become clients, and why we are so driven to treating both candidates and clients alike.

Build Your Team

When you work with Etegrity, you are instantly getting the following:

  • A wealth of industry experience & expertise in Executive Search, Sourcing and Talent Acquisition

  • Quick results with Lasting value

  • No big billing commitment. Our modular model, allows you to scale up, scale down or off, at any time


Sounds good? Then, let's get started.


Why Choose

Etegrity Services

We are committed and driven to building long term relationships. It starts with the first contact, and improves with each conversation.

Client Focus: We strive to deliver results faster, better, and more efficiently & effectively, using our unique, hyper targeted approach.


Data Driven Approach: We are data-driven, focused on understanding client real needs, candidate true capabilities, and best fit opportunities.


Latest Tools & Technologies: We place huge emphasis on privacy and data security. We know a company’s hiring needs and a candidate’s info are important and sensitive. We have therefore made investments to ensure our talent sourcing efforts remain strictly confidential.


Standard of Excellence: The proof is in our performance. Just check out our testimonials.


Integrity: We always do what is right for our candidates, clients, shareholders and fellow employees. We always operate with the highest ethical standards. This is the reason behind our name “Etegrity”.



We have over 40 years of experience in the talent and recruitment industry. See what major businesses say about Etegrity Services and read more testimonials here.

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Deloitte Consulting

Lisa Hogan, Executive Recruiting Lead

"Jude has done work with me at Deloitte. He is top notch talent, high quality results in a timely fashion, very responsive and professional. Great business partner for us! "


Contact Etegrity Services

If you are looking for a quick pipeline of great talent, contact us now. Our sourcing services go beyond just providing resumes, and offer screened, motivated and engaged talent, eager and ready to make a difference to your business.

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