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We do more than source talent. We make you shine by delivering quick results with lasting value.

Etegrity Services has helped many companies take it to the next level through intelligent and data-driven talent sourcing. 

This is your chance to create a more Inclusive Talent Pipeline.

Services We Offer

Etegrity Services helps smart managers and their companies, find smart, productive and engaged talent, while simultaneously helping motivated candidates explore exciting new career opportunities.


Given today’s competitive and tight job market, top talent is not likely to fall into your lap anytime soon. Rather than wait for candidates to come to you, contact us today to strategically identify and source the best talent, using our hyper-targeted outreach, strong referral program, and close and thoughtful collaboration & communication with your hiring team.


We also build smart networks and provide talent mapping services. We work with most Applicant Tracking Systems, Specialized Assessment Partners, Background Checks suppliers and Specialist Referrals Tools providers, apart from HRIS vendors.  

Finally, our research and sourcing strengths, allow us to help smart procurement professionals, build and execute global robust supply chains, by identifying suitable potential suppliers and vendors, all while mitigating risk.


Talent Sourcing

Our team works closely with you, to ensure your recruitment funnel is filled with suitable candidates for your open positions and to advise you in advance of any obstacles. Collaboration, communication and mutual agreement of search parameters and job requirements makes the Etegrity difference.

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Talent Pipelining

Building an engaged candidate pipeline is key to faster more efficient and effective hiring. Etegrity helps you scale and react quickly to market dynamics and trends, using our Constant Contact Candidate engagement system. This allows you to have a pool of candidates, waiting to join the team.


Smart Networks

We provide both candidates and companies access to smart networks of professional resume writers and industry recognized mentors and coaches.


Cutting-Edge Data + Experienced Sourcers

Get in touch with us today, to discuss your hiring goals. We will create and submit a curated list of qualified, great fit candidates, all vetted by our experienced sourcing professionals.

Diversify Your Candidate Pipeline

Gain access to a diverse database of professionals from across the globe. Etegrity uses Data driven models with hands-on curation, to create a more diverse candidate pipeline for your company.


Ready to Recharge Your Recruiting? Contact us now

We are ready and waiting to provide you with a pipeline of engaged talent. Our candidate sourcing services will help you reduce cost per hire and time to hire, while improving quality of hire.