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What Our Clients Say About Us

At Etegrity Services, we consider ourselves partners, not contractors. Also, our modular billing model gives you the convenience of a system, where you only pay for services needed, when needed. When put together, this allows us to provide you quality over quantity, efficiently, cost effectively and ethically.

"It’s all about value creation."
Lisa Hogan.webp

Deloitte Consulting

Lisa Hogan

Executive Recruiting Lead

Jude has done work with me at Deloitte. He is top notch talent, high quality results in a timely fashion, very responsive and professional. Great business partner for us!

Maureen Sharib.webp


Maureen Sharib

Advocate & Trainer

Jude is responsive, dedicated and always willing to share his better ideas with you - I consider him an Ingenious, Proactive Manager. He sees the bigger picture immediately and brings valuable insight to our projects. Besides all that, he's very nice to talk to!

Peggy Thompson.webp

True Search

Peggy Thompson


Jude is a trusted business partner who delivers excellent executive candidate research and qualification results to Summative. He possesses a deep understanding of the high tech space and uses his great instincts to find the right executive candidates for each assignment. I highly recommend Jude to any executive search organization seeking leverage from a highly talented, trustworthy, and knowledgeable external resource

Shane Hicks.webp

Epicor Software

Shane Hicks

Global Vice President

Jude is an expert in his field and a joy to work with, he excels in both high volume name generation and 'needle in a haystack' deep sourcing at a global level. We have made countless high value, difficult to find hires through Jude and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a sourcing subject matter expert

Nikhil Kumar.webp


Nikhil Kumar

Head Talent Acquisition

Jude is the ultimate rainmaker and leader with a high intellect, energy levels and enthusiasm.  His ability to build a high caliber team, and his focus on succession and career planning helped the company develop new leaders within the company. I remain a big fan of his leadership qualities and business acumen

Scott Uhrig.webp

Whiterock Partners

Scott Uhrig

Executive Recruiter and Career Advisor

Jude has done an excellent job on a number of research projects for Whiterock Partners. He is quick to grasp the nuances of each assignment, and he has demonstrated a willingness to go beyond expectations. He has an understanding of business and technology that allows him to add value beyond pure research

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